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The research, modeling and simulation team dedicated to urban and building physics !

📣 L'hypercube website gets a makeover !

We’ve chosen to switch to a static site, lighter and faster 🚀, sober, with a dark theme available (up there, the pictograms ☀️ / 🌙). It’s also an opportunity to do a bit of cleaning, to update the references and bibliographies (with particular attention to providing valid links to the articles, and / or proper full references), and to add a number of recent developments.

Happy reading 🧐 !

Recent publications:
Who are we ?

Within AREP , the team made up of PhD’s, engineers and architects is commited to enable the computation of complex climatic phenomena in outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. As most commercial softwares do not allow to properly characterize this typology of spaces, we use a coupling of different numerical methods, as well as intensive parallel computing methods.

Why this website ?

This site has several purposes:

  1. To provide the theoretical background needed to explain the physics of phenomena occurring in open and semi-open environments (e.g. railway stations and their urban surroundings): comfort, airflow, air quality, pollution, etc.
  2. Share a selection of our references, both academic and projects to which the team has contributed,
  3. Share recent developments, such as codes or web tools ,
  4. Finally, a small Blog section.
Our expertise:

A brief set of presentations of our different areas of expertise:

Confort Microclimat & ICU Aeraulique urbaine pluie Renouvellement d'Air Dispersin de Polluants Expérimentation Qualité d'Air