160 Cores dedicated to building physics

Since 2017, L'Hypercube has been performing fine aeraulic simulations and implementing optimization procedures. These methods require a significant computing power, so far provided by Microsoft's Azure cloud "virtual machines". The team had 24 high performance "machines" (8 ultra-clocked logic cores and 56 to 112 GB of RAM memory), powered on demand, thus allowing a high reactivity.

This solution, which has been in use for 2 years, limited us in terms of reactivity (IT maintenance) and connectivity (data transfer speed) with a non-negligible associated cost.

  • Delivery in kit and assembly

The question then arose, with the AREP IT team, of an opportunity to invest in an "on-premises" calculation server... It is now done! It has just been delivered, in kit form.

It is therefore a computing rack with 4 processors, 20 cores each capable of hyperthreading (virtualization of a second core), in other words, 160 cores dedicated to simulating building physics phenomena! This represents the equivalent of more than 25 high-performance computers (for example for 3D visualization).

Today, this "beast", with 256 GB of RAM memory, extensible up to 3TB, runs on the open source Linux operating system (Debian 9).

Many thanks to AREP IT Services for their advice, support and energy!