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World UTCI and MRT

A "new" database has been made available by the EU, from the Copernicus project (free access, login required).

UTCI and T_{MRT} , August 31st, 2018


This dataset provides a complete historical reconstruction of the UTCI (Universal Thermal Confort Index, a thermal comfort index as well as the MRT (Mean Radiant Temperature, essential for the thermal comfortestimation), from 1979 up to today. Those parameters are computed by the ERA5-HEAT (Humen thErmAl comforT) model. It is based upon a reanalysis of observations from across the world, to provide a globally complete and consistent description of the Earth’s climate and its evolution in recent decades.


Technical data:

Data type Gridded
Horizontal coverage Global except for Antarctica (90N-60S, 180W-180E)
Horizontal resolution 0.25° x 0.25°
Vertical resolution Surface level
Temporal coverage 1979-01-01 to near real time for the most recent version.
Temporal resolution Hourly data
File format NetCDF
Conventions Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Convention v1.6
Versions UTCI v1.0
Update frequency Intermediate dataset updated daily in near real time, Consolidated dataset monthly updates with 2-3 month delay behind real time.