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Non-isothermal air flow in the urban environment

Amongst the team's current development themes: the calculation of air temperatures in urban environments.

In order to improve the prediction of the consumption calculations of buildings or the exterior thermal comfort, a thermal/aerodynamic coupling is necessary.It is all about taking into account the influence of building surface temperatures on the temperature of the outside air.

The complete anisothermal CFD calculation being prohibitive in computation time, a "weak coupling" approach is adopted, based on energy balances and valorizing the isothermal air velocity field systematically conducted in our studies.

The validation on an experimental dataset is underway (thanks again to our partners from the LaSIE in La Rochelle!).

Mailles de calculs aéraulique urbaine anisotherme
Diagram of the heat balance on a mesh cell for the calculation of the air temperature.
Températures d'air
Example of results: 3D air isotherms in a built environment.