Python libraries we like ❤️🐍

[last update : october 2023]

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the Python libraries we like and use !

  • Numerical Methods:

  • Meshes and Geomtry:

    • Pyvista : A python wrapper for THE VTK library : « VTK for Humans ».
    • PyMeshFix : A python wrapper for the C++ MeshFix code by Marco Attene.
    • Tetgen : Another python wrapper for the C++ Tetgen code by Hang Si.
    • Trimesh : (Almost) pure Python library for reading and manipulating triangular meshes.
    • Pygmsh : Yet another python wrapper, for the famous Gmsh code, by C. Geuzaine and J.-F. Remacle
  • Comfort, Energy Simulations and Meteorological data:

    • PyThermalComfort : for calculating various comfort indexes
    • PyEpw : A library for reading, writing, modifying and creating EPW files for EnergyPlus
    • eppy : Python interface for programming in the EnergyPlus language
    • MeteoStat : Global weather data with a simple and intuitive Python API !
  • Maps:

    • pydeck : A python binding library for making spatial visualizations, with under the hood.
    • dash-leaflet : Another python binding library fotr making custom maps, with Leaflet under the hood.
  • Web:

    • Dash/Plotly : Dash is the original low-code framework for rapidly building data apps in Python. Perfect for building apps, web apps, etc.