A stand-alone measuring station for climate diagnostics 🌡️

The work of an over two-year partnership between AREP and the Electrical Engineering speciality at INSA Strasbourg has resulted in the creation of an autonomous measuring station. The project was started in previous years (see Hypercube academic references) and came to fruition in January 2019 thanks to the Technological Research Project of François-Alexandre Fournier, an engineering student in GE5 at INSA: we’d like to thank him for his unparalleled commitment!

station mesure inetieur raspberry PI
Raspberry PI / Communication 868 MHz with whisper nodes (sensors)

Including a Raspberry PI base and low-power wireless sensors Whisper node from WISEN. This station, which was custom-developed for AREP’s needs, includes around ten temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors. Particular attention was paid to energy consumption and operating robustness during the project. Field tests are scheduled for 2019.

station mesure montage
The central acquisition unit

malette capteurs
The transport case: the base and the 8 nodes !