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Certain draughts induced by the built environment can be a genuine source of discomfort, both indoors and outdoors. These complex phenomena can only be appreciated by using state-of-the-art numerical simulations, and the use of a suitable comfort index . These spatial studies can highlight local phenomena on a small and large scale

Aéraulique urbaine
Urban air flows

Our Expertise

Our approach is based on a digital wind tunnel model providing the air velocity fields necessary for the airflow study of the project. The results are translated into wind comfort levels using statistical processing.For a representative year, a given level of activity activity level and following the CSTB methodology , the model associates the frequencies at which the annoyance threshold is exceeded with an acceptability scale.

cartographie vitesses d'air
Bondy Train Sation
Mapping local wind velocities

Our Services

  • Analysis of urban air flows:
    • Calculation and mapping of local air velocities over a representative year,
    • Assessment of the effects of the presence of protective devices and/or vegetation on local air velocities,
  • Analysis of the impact of air circulation on comfort:
    • Calculation and mapping of wind comfort levels,
    • Assessment of the risks of discomfort in the wind as a result of different activities and climatic scenarios,
  • Architectural or Urban design assistance by recommending preventive and corrective solutions.
confort vent
Bondy Train Sation
Mapping the wind comfort levels

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