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Air quality is a growing concern for public authorities, health authorities and the general public. The harmful effects of pollution on our health no longer need to be proven, but there is still a great deal of research to be done in terms of the means to be deployed. The experimental approach is often the first step before defining the appropriate measures.

Campagne de mesure
Avenue Foch train station
Installing measurement equipment

Our Expertise

This expertise is based on a scientific approach to propose an analysis framework, and to drive the change within an agile framework of knowledge acquisition. Our response is tailored to the resources available and the timeframe of the assignment. Our IT resources enable us to manage a large quantity of data. The use of a wide range of graphical representations makes it easier to interpret the interpretation of the results.

Analyse de performances
Data analysis and daily profile comparison.

Our Services

  • Advice and assistance to the project owner,
  • Acting as an interface with authorities, approved associations and service providers, and liaising with the academic world and university research.,
  • Definition and implementation of instrumentation, measurement, experimentation and data management protocols,
  • Data processing and analysis.
Representation of large data volumes.

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