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Climate instability makes it more essential than ever to take account of the IPCC experts' prospective scenarios when modelling local microclimates and characterising urban heat island effects . To this end, our experts have developed several approaches to provide a response that is adapted to the scale of the project, its stage of development and the desired level of definition.

Confort spatialisé
Strasbourg train station forecourt
Taking account of the heat island in terms of perceived comfort.

Our Expertise

We offer the possibility of generating customised weather files incorporating the impact of the nearby urban environment, and prospective or extreme scenarios. The characterisation of urban heat island effects can be approached qualitatively using an empirical risk assessment method, or determined quantitatively using detailed modelling that notably takes into account the benefits of vegetation.

Athletes' square – JO Paris 2024
Surface emperatures
Modèle du métabolisme humain

Our Services

  • Microcliamte modeling:
    • Generation of ultra-local weather files for site climate analysis or a dynamic BES study,
    • Computation and mapping of surface temperatures, wind speeds and/or solar fluxes.
  • Analysis of the risk of urban heat islands at neighbourhood or square level:
    • Qualitative and/or quantitative assessment of the risks of a rise in temperature, comparison of project variants (morphological and surface parameters) and/or climate scenarios.
  • Helping to design urban spaces by recommending preventive and corrective solutions.
Statistiques temporelles
Athletes' square – JO Paris 2024
Creation of "urban cool islands".

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