🚂 Yearly passengers in SNCF train stations

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In order to easily visualise the annual number of passengers at SNCF stations, we’ve created this dynamic map to showcase the data available on SNCF open-data. To achieve this, we are using two datasets:

  • annual station frequentation, from 2015 to 2021 ( link ),
  • A geocoding table for the “UIC codes” (unique station identifiers, defined by the International Union of Railways.) to obtain the location of stations ( link ).


  • Choose a year:
    1. Visualise visitor numbers in the form of a spatial histogram,
    2. See the top 10 busiest stations.

Classement annuel frequentation gares SNCF

  • Choose a train station and a year:
    1. View the station’s frequentation in a national context,
    2. See the trend in passenger numbers at this station between 2015 and 2021.

Frequentation gare SNCF

The code

The code is available on Gitlab :

The idea was born out of the discovery of pydeck , a library that acts as a binder between Deck.gl - a javascript library based on the WebGL framework for visualising large amounts of data - and Python, and Dash Deck , which provides a link with Dash !