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IBPSA 2019

Thermal Comfort and Natural Ventilation means a lot to us! Our researchers, ... Read more.

160 Cores dedicated to building physics

Since 2017, Hypercube has been performing fine aeraulic simulations and implementing optimization procedures. These methods require a computing power Read more.

Autonomous measurement station

An autonomous and wireless measuring station for field diagnosis. Read more.


AREP and the CSTB were present at the 3rd edition of the Foam'U conference, French-speaking users of OpenFOAM, at the University Read more.

The P.E.T. comfort index: Questioning the model

A first exhaustive explanation of the P.E.T. model and a proposal to correct the errors found in it (link Read more.

Natural ventilation uncertainties in Building Energy Simulations

Article on the reduction of uncertainties in natural ventilation modelling in BES, in REHVA Journal. Read more.

Comfort modelling in semi-outdoor spaces

Comfort in semi-open spaces, in REHVA Journal. Read more.

Modelling of airborne particulate matter concentration in underground stations using a two size-class conservation model

An extension of the previous article to PM10 and PM2.5 concerning air quality modelling in underground stations: Read more.

A novel approach for the modelling of air quality dynamics in underground railway stations

A first article on air quality modelling in underground stations: single-class particle model. Read more.

IBPSA 2018

AREP participated in the IBPSA France conference on 15-16 May 2018 @ Bordeaux. Three different posters were presented, Read more.