IPSA World 2021

L’hypercube was present at the Building Simulation 2021 conference, (in Bruges, Septembre 1st to 3rd 2021) to present three articles on various topics:

Urban Heat Island modeling

Strasbourg Comfort
Comfort mapping in outdoor areas - Strasbourg Train Station Forecourt


  • Title : Simulation of outdoor thermal comfort: A tweak with EnrgyPlus
  • Authors : Edouard WALTHER, Carla DELMARRE, SĂ©verine HUET
  • Access : PDF link

Spatial calculation of indoor comfort levels

new workflow
Coupling principles leading to comfort mapping


  • Title :Spatial distribution of thermal comfort: A case study in Paris’ station
  • Authors : Edoaurd WALTHER, Mateusz BOGDAN, Fanny DEVYS-PEYRE, Christion INARD
  • Access : PDF link

Infrared radiation and polymer materials such as ETFE

ETFE absoprtion
Solar spectrum (including infrared) and transmissivity of glass and ETFE


  • Title : A spectral model for longwave radiant heat transfer: Influence of new generation polymers in BES
  • Authors : Edouard WALTHER, Antoine HUBERT
  • Access : PDF link